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Stylish and Efficient Heat-Pump Air-Conditioning
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As part of the Emerald House Group, Emerald House Green Engineering been supplying and installing air-conditioning systems in the UK for over 25-years and we say nothing beats Powrmatic.  Our Cool Sleep brand specialises in supplying and installing the Powrmatic Vision range of condenserless heat-pump air-conditioning because we believe they're the very best on the market.  For quiet and powerful economic comfort cooling within your home or office, you won't find any better condenserless air conditioning than the Powrmatic Vision range. 

Why Choose Cool Sleep?

We've no doubt that you've carried out extensive research to come to the conclusion that you would like Powrmatic Condenserless Air Conditioning. However, you may have noticed that there are very few installers in the South East of England, let alone the UK, that specialise in this condenserless air conditioning range.


We're an award-winning specialist and the preferred supplier-installer of Powrmatic with many of their representatives referring clients to us. Now that you've found us, you'll discover that we can often supply and install any of the units for less than the cost of the unit itself elsewhere.

Thanks to amazing discounts from the manufacturer, we're now offering residential customers Powrmatic Vision Units fully supplied and installed from under £2,000.00 (including VAT). We will safely and professionally take care of all the builders' work and electrical connections. You can expect all the work on the same day and our expert installers will happily go through the capabilities of the unit with you, including WiFi controllability via the Innova app. 

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What is Powrmatic Vision?

Powrmatic Vision is a range of stylish compact contemporary units that cools and heats your room on a warm and cold day. With soaring energy costs across the UK, rest assured these devices can cost less than central heating due to their incredible energy efficiency technology. Installation costs of these condenserless air conditioning units are low because an F-Gas certified engineer is not required. 

These innovative devices maintain the aesthetic appeal of any home, including listed properties because there's no sight of an ugly noisy condenser, pipes and cables visible on the outside. Instead, they'll be two little holes covered with grilles on the outside wall unless you opt for the H2O version, which only requires internal water pipes.


 Controlling these fantastic units is super simple. You have three choices included in the costs, which are the controls on the unit, a remote and an app. There's an optional extra for a wall control unit nearby.


Top Benefits of Powrmatic Condenserless Air Conditioning

No Ugly Outside Condenser Avoiding Planning Issues

Powerful, Quiet, Efficient Cooling for Almost Any Space

Market-Leading Beautifully Slim Contemporary Styling 

Systems Installed by Experts in One Day

Energy Efficient Heat-Pumps Saving on Fuel Costs

Hi-Specification Sealed Units

No expensive F-Gas Maintenance

Why We Love Powrmatic Vision Air-Conditioning / Heat-Pump

As a preferred supplier and installer of Powrmatic Vision Heat-Pump Air-Conditioning Systems, all our A/C systems offer the latest in bespoke state of the art solutions where conventional air-conditioning may not suit due to your design requirements, space or planning restrictions. 


Stylish and contemporary in design, the market-leading and handsome Powrmatic Vision Vented and Water-Cooled range of Condenserless A/C in particular, which features clean lines in a contemporary and eye-catching style that will complement any décor with no sight of an unsightly outdoor condenser or any services. 


Most importantly, these powerful and quiet systems are very energy efficient and with the vented systems you don't normally need planning permission as all that is seen on the outside of your home are two small and unobtrusive colour-matched grilles and a 15mm condense pipe and with water-cooled systems, you see nothing at all.  All systems are sealed and consequently do not require any special maintenance, though, of course, this can be provided if requested.


All the Vision ranges give impressive heating and cooling performances which has now become so important in today's energy sensitive environment. The energy output is almost four times the input of conventional systems.  This is in line with the Government's recognition of heat-pump technology and the resultant VAT incentive of only 5% on these systems if bought and installed with us.   


With regards to Carbon Footprint, the latest Vision Compact range uses R290 Gas, which has a GWP of only 3, the Global Warming Potential of CO2 per kg of refrigerant gas (which is impressive by the way). This is a saving of nearly 99.9% over R410a systems and all other systems are currently switching to R32 soon which has a GWP of 677, well below the new standard for refrigerant gas of GWP 750.

Condenserless Air-Conditioning Range 

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What is Cool Sleep?

Part of the Emerald House Group, the CoolSleep team specialise in contemporary residential cooling solutions within sleeping, living and working spaces at home where an outside condenser is either undesirable or impractical or where planning restrictions disallow it. 


Following repeated demand from customers for alternative comfort cooling solutions, both Emerald House Green Engineering & Green Environments Ltd have proudly become preferred suppliers and installers of Powrmatic products air-conditioning products, a leading British manufacturer of HVAC products in the UK for over 70 years, the former primarily for commercial operations and the latter to service residential customers needs.

As part of EHGE's award-winning customer service, we would be delighted if you wish to call or email us if you would like to discuss a new enquiry or have a specific question regarding how we could best meet your needs, Dan Mullins

“Dan's team were great, even sorted out my other unit.  Very impressed with the Vision unit, did everything it promised”

Fiona Duffy, Harlington UB3