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The No.1 Unit for Flat Air Conditioning London

Whether you own a house, flat, apartment or office, we're confident that we supply and install the most innovative, practical, stylish and efficient air conditioning unit at incredibly competitive prices.

Our Air Conditioning System Features

No Condenser Box

Most of us are familiar with the traditional types of air conditioning, which have an indoor unit and an outdoor condenser unit on the exterior wall.


Recognising the issues these units present to homeowners of flats, apartments, and listed buildings, air conditioning manufacturers developed an entirely internal system in which the condenser box is hidden somewhere in the property.


But we're tight for space in the UK, so the improvement was still insufficient. Until Innova, an innovative Italian manufacturer, found a way to resolve both of these issues.


They launched Vision. This range of units has an internal condenser, which means no condenser box is required. At Cool Sleep, the most popular air conditioning installation is the Vision range of units. And it's not just because there's no external unit.

No Planning Permission

One major advantage of a condenserless air conditioner like Vision is that planning permission is not needed for either the air-cooled or water-cooled solutions.


With the latter option, there are absolutely zero aesthetic changes to the exterior of your home, which is ideal for listed buildings. In addition, it effectively addresses the issue where apartment and flat owners cannot get permission for the building owner to penetrate the exterior wall for two air ducts for the air-cooled option.

Water-Cooled or Air-Cooled Options

The Vision range has two options: water-cooled or air-cooled air conditioning solutions.


The majority of the installations we do across London are primarily water-cooled because permission is not required. However, for owners of detached, semi-detached, and terraced properties in London, air-cooled is most popular.


While both internal air conditioning units are as effective as each other, the difference is whether they use outside air or water to cool or heat the air from the unit. There's also a slight cost difference when it comes to installation and operation, with water-cooled units being ever so slightly more expensive.

Multiple Ways to Control the Unit

These units aren't controlled in one, two, or three ways; there are four different ways to control the temperature and air flow. Included as standard is a control function on the unit, a remote, and a free app for WiFi connectivity.


But for the added touch of sophistication and modernism, we can supply and install digital wall-mounted control panels, which look rather impressive.


You can control all units at the same time from the app, ensuring a consistent temperature throughout your home, or set each one, like your bedroom, at a lower temperature for the perfect night's sleep.

Cooling and Heating Functionality

Like most air conditioning, you can use it to cool and heat your room or your whole home. Our Vision units are the same. So, if you've just come home to a chilly London apartment or flat after a weekend or couple of weeks away, you can quickly heat it up with Vision. Likewise, you can cool it down just as fast.

Impeccable Energy Efficiency

Using air conditioning to cool and heat a room shouldn't cost an arm and a leg, especially given the higher costs of living in London. You'll be pleased to hear that the units cost around 40p per hour of usage, depending on the type of Vision air conditioner. You might only need it for 30 minutes in the afternoon and 30 minutes in the evening. For the day, it costs just 40p.

Childishly Simple Air Conditioning Maintenance

Most air conditioning installations require ongoing maintenance, which becomes costly over time, especially when engineers add spare parts. With our office and home air conditioning units, maintenance is childishly simple. Take off the cover, dust it, wash the filter, and pop it back in once it is dry.


That's about it. And you don't even have to do it very often.


Dan, the engineer, will provide more information on the maintenance so you can understand how straightforward it is.


The Air Conditioning Company with Unbeatable Customer Service

Accurate Survey Quotes by Air Conditioning Engineers

When you inquire with Cool Sleep, Dan will arrange a free site survey with you to determine whether our air conditioning is right for your property and, if so, how many units should you not be sure of at this moment in time.


Based on the type of property you own, its layout, the type of Vision unit, and a few other factors, Dan will provide an accurate quote with no obligation to proceed. But if you do, rest assured that our quotes are that competitive—we're cheaper than buying the unit itself separately and attempting to install it yourself.

Honestly Answering Your Questions

When you're considering air conditioning installation in London, you likely have a lot of questions. Whatever they may be, Dan will answer them honestly so you can make an informed decision.


We want you to be 100% satisfied with your decision to install Vision air conditioning units, so you'll never experience any hard sales tactics from Cool Sleep.

Full Installation, Setup and Support

Different from our competitors who outsource your installation to air conditioning contractors who don't necessarily know the product as best as they should, Dan understands it inside and out. He'll also do the survey, provide the quote, answer your questions, and do the installation and after-sales.

After-Sales Service for Every Customer

While Vision condenserless air conditioning units are so simple to use, customers sometimes have questions once they've used them for a while.


As an air conditioning company that prides itself on not only outstanding, innovative products, but an exceptional reputation, which we've been given 5-stars by 30 customers who kindly left us reviews. It's why Dan is always available to ask any questions after the installation for expert air conditioning information and advice.


Thinking about getting a free survey and quote for air conditioning in London? Get in touch with Dan at Cool Sleep today.

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