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Air Conditioning for Flats and Apartments

Air Conditioning for Flats and Apartments

Industry-leading air conditioning solution for flats and apartments without an internal or external unit (external condenser) in London.

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Air Conditioning Units Without an
Internal or External Condenser

Internal installation

No need to request planning permission

No inside or outside condenser unit

Suitable for flats and apartments

Cool Sleep is a multi-awarding winning supplier and installer of air conditioning units because we offer the UK's most innovative air conditioning solutions for restricted properties: apartments, flats and listed buildings.

Why do our air conditioning units stand apart from the competition?

Our air conditioning solutions stand far apart from our competition because the units do not require a separate inside or outside condenser. The condenser is built within the units themselves. And, with so much innovative technology packed within each AC unit, it's surprisingly compact. It makes our air conditioners the best on the market for restricted properties with limited space.

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Why do our innovative air conditioning solutions not require planning permission?

Most air conditioning systems require planning permission. Especially when the outside condenser is bigger than 0.6m³, within a metre of the property's boundaries, within a metre of the edge of a flat roof and if it's installed on a pitched roof.

For flats and apartments with balconies, the boundaries are inevitably very close. So, on that basis, it's likely to be denied by a council. Furthermore, if planning permission was granted, the freeholder would still need to grant you permission.

However, our internal air conditioning systems do not require planning permission. This is because we do not penetrate through the external wall to mount an unsightly outside condenser. Instead, we connect our AC units to your water supply, which either heats or cools down the average room size.

Why choose Cool Sleep's air conditioning solution?

Cool Sleep has an impeccable reputation for providing outstanding service and state-of-the-art, innovative air conditioning units for restricted properties, including apartments, flats and listed buildings across London. Why not get in touch for a free, no-obligation consultation with Dan, the owner of Cool Sleep?

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Wall Mounted AC Units for Flats and Apartments

At Cool Sleep, we don't supply portable air conditioners. Instead, we supply water-cooled air conditioning units that are wall-mounted. Unlike our competition, our valued customers can choose whether they would like the air conditioner mounted low (like a radiator) or high (like a traditional air conditioner) on the wall.

All models within the Vision H20 are a stunning contemporary white to match any room where they'll be installed. In addition, every model within the range is the same size. A width of 1010 millimetres. A height of 549 millimetres. A depth of 165 millimetres.

However, the difference between each unit is its heating and cooling capacity. So, smaller rooms require the Vision H20 AC unit with the lowest capacity, while a larger room requires the AC unit with the greatest capacity.

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Control the Air Conditioning Your Way

With our air conditioning solution, you can easily control the air conditioner the way you want. As a standard, you can control it with the buttons on the units themselves or use a remote control (perfect when sitting down or lying in bed).

In addition, WiFi connectivity comes as standard. So, you can control any of the units in your flat, apartment or listed building from one room or from anywhere in the world. Perfect for those who often travel and want to come home to their desired temperature.

Furthermore, we can install a wall-mounted control pad for each unit in every room for an additional cost.

Why Buy the Vision H20 Air Conditioner with Cool Sleep?

Free, No-Obligation Quote

Contact Dan of Cool Sleep for a free, no-obligation quote for supplying and installing our water-cooled air conditioning solutions.

Highly Competitively Priced

Cool Sleep is the UK's distributor's preferred supplier and installer of the Vision H20 range. So, we can offer a better price for the unit and installation than the unit elsewhere.

No Internal or External Condenser

With our internal air conditioning systems, you don't need additional floor space for an internal condenser or permission for an outside condenser.

5-Star Rated Service

We're rated 5 out of 5 on Google for our friendly and helpful service that has helped flat and apartment owners achieve their perfect air temperature.

Innovative Air Conditioners

Aesthetically pleasing. Energy-efficient. Sleep modes. Fan speeds. WiFi. No indoor or outside condenser. Professionally installed. Perfect.

12-Months Warranty

All parts come with a 12-month warranty for added peace of mind for our well-designed and manufactured air conditioning systems.

What are the Benefits of Air Conditioning in Apartments and Flats in London?

Apartment or Flat Temperature Control

On the 19th of July 2022, Heathrow Airport and St James's Park recorded London's highest temperature - a staggering 40.2 °C. With climate change, it's bound to continue breaking the record in the summer months. And, with air conditioning, you no longer have to endure such extreme temperatures in your flat or apartment.

Improve Air Quality in Your Apartment or Flat

As you know, London's air pollution is off the charts. While air conditioning cannot filter carbon dioxide, it can, however, help filter dust, pollen and other allergens within your apartment or flat. This can make your living space more comfortable if you're asthmatic or suffer from airborne allergies during the summer months.

Comfortable Environment

Compared to the rest of the UK, London is rather humid with November being the highest, followed by October, December and January. Air conditioning enables you to reduce the humidity levels within your flat or apartment to live in a more comfortable environment.

Work Productively from Home

There's a reason why offices across London have air conditioning. Studies even suggest it improves cognitive performance. So, with your own air conditioning for a home office or throughout your flat or apartment wouldn't be a bad idea if you want to improve your productivity to be a potential shortlist for promotion.

FAQs About Air Conditioners for Apartments and Flats

Am I allowed to install an air conditioner in my apartment or flat in London?

You should be able to have an air conditioner installed in your apartment or flat in London without any hassle in terms of building regulations and the freeholder's permission.

Is it possible to install an air conditioner in an apartment or flat in London myself?

Yes, you could try, but it could become increasingly challenging when you've got to do all the piping, re-plastering and painting if you don't have the skills.

Can you have air conditioning in a flat?

Yes, you can have air conditioning in a flat. However, it's most likely either an ineffective portable air conditioner or a highly effective water-cooled air conditioner. These options don't require planning permission or freeholder approval.

What type of AC is best for an apartment?

Portable units if you don't want high cooling power, quiet operation or units that are energy efficient. However, a water-cooled air conditioner if you want a wall-mounted unit with powerful cooling with high levels of cooling efficiency.

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