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Water-Cooled Air Conditioning

Updated: Sep 27, 2023

There are two ways to control the temperature of the air in your property, whether it is a domestic or commercial property. These are air-cooled and water-cooled units and systems.

In this article, we aim to cover water-cooled air conditioning in great detail, but we make explicit reference to what we believe to be the best product on the market today.

If you want a quote for supplying and installing a Powrmatic Vision range product, contact us now.

What is Water-Cooled Air Conditioning?

Water-cooled air conditioning units rely on using a cold water supply from your internal water pipe connected to the water mains pipe outside your property under the ground.

Once the water-cooled air conditioner uses the water, it is disposed of via your water waste pipe like dirty dishwasher water and washing machine water.

Like a typical vented air conditioning system with an outdoor condenser unit, a water-cooled air conditioning system supplies hot air and cool air depending on the settings via the unit, remote or WiFi.

However, your home is not an eyesore to you or your neighbours' because not all water-cooled air conditioning units require an external condenser box or any other type of wall penetration, unlike the vented air conditioning units. This makes them an ideal system for listed buildings and for rooms that require internal air conditioning units.

Types of Water-Cooled Air Conditioning Systems

Chilled Water Air Conditioning Systems

There are several types of chilled water air conditioning systems depending on the type of use and the size of the property.

Typically, a chilled water air conditioning system is used in medium to large buildings, but there are different processes depending on the activities within the property.

Due to the size of these air conditioning systems, particularly the external condensers, they require planning permission.

Comfort Cooling

Comfort cooling involves regulating the temperature for maximum comfort. Typically, this air conditioning system is ideal in offices, conference rooms, event spaces, hospitals and hotels.

In this case, a chiller is installed outside the property on the ground with a cold and warm water hose connected to a range of internal Fan Coil Units (FCU). This is where cooled air is circulated, and warm air is extracted. Heat is then dispersed from the chiller.

High Capacity Cooling

In some large spaces like storage and warehouses, workshops and film studios, a chiller is connected to an air handling unit, which is an outside unit too. The process is largely the same, except that this air conditioning system involves the air handler passing cool air via ducting to the coil to cool a large room or multiple rooms while hot air is extracted.

Process Cooling

The nature of some premises requires process cooling, such as food and beverage, refineries and pharmaceutical. This air conditioning system involves passing chilled water through a heat exchanger in a closed circuit (prevents contamination) before travelling back to the chiller, while warm water passes through the heat exchanger and is cooled before heading back to the rooms via the coil.

Tower Water-Cooled Air Conditioning Systems

Like process cooling that involves a heat exchanger, tower-cooled water air conditioning does too. However, the process of the heat exchanger varies depending on whether it is open (direct) or closed (indirect). The name gives it away: they are usually installed on the roof of towers in cities for commercial and residential use.

Open (Direct) Tower water-cooled Air Conditioning System

These types of air conditioners expose the chilled water from the chiller plant with the warm water from the building, which causes an evaporation process whereby heat escapes from the top of the heat exchanger, and cool water recycles in the chiller.

Closed (Indirect) Tower Water-Cooled Air Conditioning System

These types of air conditioners do not expose warm water from the building but rather keep them in tubes where chilled water is sprayed over them to create the evaporation effect, which is effectively an evaporator in a heat exchanger.

Benefits of Our Water-Cooled Air Conditioner


At Cool Sleep, we supply and install Powrmatic Vision. This is an innovative line of air conditioning systems, which are available as water-cooled systems or air-cooled systems.

They do not have an external condenser placed on the ground of your premises or a condenser box on the side of your external wall, which is ideal for a listed building.

In addition, these air conditioners do not even require an internal condenser placed somewhere within your home because it is built-in within the compact and stylish unit.

So Quiet, Noise Is Non-Existent

We believe it is the best water-cooled air conditioner on the market today because it operates with low noise levels of 21 to 42dB in heating and cooling mode, making this air conditioner the quietest solution for an apartment hotel room or office. If you live in a flat or apartment, we've written a dedicated for about air conditioning for flats that could be more useful than this article.

High Energy Efficiency, Ideal Due Soaring Energy Costs

Furthermore, the water-cooled air conditioner branded Vision H2O uses cold water in a controlled manner, making it highly energy-efficient while doing an excellent job at maintaining the temperature in the room.

Wall-Mounted High or Low, Your Preference

These wall-mounted air conditioners are efficient to install by experienced F-Gas qualified engineers; the internal air conditioning system relies on R410A gas for refrigerant purposes. The air conditioner is wall-mounted at the height of your preference and plumbed directly into its water pipe connected to the mains. Due to the design of this energy-efficient equipment, once installed, pipework is not visible inside or outside.

Temperature Control Options

Like most units with and without a condenser, it is controlled on the device, a remote and an optional wall mount system. However, there is a great app that connects to WiFi whereby you can control every device in the property, which is ideal for hotels.

Less Maintenance Required

These units are designed with quality in mind, which means maintenance is not required as frequently as a typical system on the market. Not only that, the quality means it is expected to provide cool rooms for a greater period before needing to replace.

Why Choose Us to Install Powrmatic Vision H20 Water-Cooled Units

Cool Sleep is part of EHGE, a company with over 25 years of heating, ventilation and air conditioning across the South East of England, including London.

As an established company, we have installed thousands of energy-efficient systems with and without a condenser to cool and heat different room types in an apartment like the living room, bedroom and a room designed to be a home office, as well as other buildings.

Prior to any installation, we offer a free site survey, typically the room you want to cool and heat, by an F-Gas certified engineer. And, as a preferred supplier-installer on behalf of the Powrmatic company, our unit cost and installation cost, including VAT, is cost-effective compared to purchasing elsewhere and sourcing another gas-registered engineer.

Lastly, we aim to deliver exceptional service from the moment you contact us to the moment we have completed the installation. It is why we are rated excellent by homeowners and companies across London, Essex, Kent, Surrey, and beyond.

If you would like to find out more about Powrmatic Vision, particularly H20, with the internal condenser, then get in touch with Cool Sleep today by calling 07771 721477 or emailing Alternatively, use the same details to arrange a survey and get a quote.

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