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Air Conditioning for Loft Conversions

Is your loft conversion an unbearable rollercoaster of temperatures?

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Is your loft conversion an unbearable rollercoaster of temperatures?

It doesn't have to be, though.

You could have industry-innovative air conditioning in your loft for the perfect temperature year-round.

And winter shivering and summer sweating will become distance memories.

To learn why our units could be suitable for you, just read the four most relevant features below.

Why Are Our Air Conditioning Units the Best for a Loft Conversion?

At Cool Sleep, we pride ourselves on supplying and installing the most innovative home air conditioning units. 

Manufactured by Innova in Italy and distributed by Powrmatic in the UK, these units can efficiently control the temperature in any space in your home, including the loft, where insulation could often be better.

Condenserless Air or Water-Cooled Air Conditioning Systems Doubling Up as a Heat Pump

When you think about air conditioning, does a large, noisy fan in a metal cage drilled into the building come to mind? You'll be pleased to know that our air conditioning for lofts and other rooms in your house is condenserless. It means you won't need that cage on your external wall. In addition, you won't even need to hide an internal condenser within the loft or any other room. Our air conditioners contain the condenser. So, it's inside the unit.

We supply and install two types of air-con units. One option is air-cooled or heated, which requires penetrating two holes through your external wall. We can then cover the holes with facade colour-matching grilles. The other option is water-cooled or heated, requiring connections to the cold water mains and drainage. 

Regardless of the type of air conditioning installation, both units can efficiently warm you up on a freezing night.

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Low Wall Installation

Does your loft conversion room have knee walls? In other words, low wall heights before the pitched roof begin to cave into the room.


The innovative design of our air conditioners allows the units to be installed low or high on your wall in the loft rather than in the ceiling.

Up to A++ Rated Energy Efficiency

Is the cost of running air conditioning during the summer quite a concern? We completely understand - it's why we offer a closed-water circuit solution. It uses water to cool the hot air in the summer and heat the cold air in the winter.


As it's a closed-water circuit, it's not constantly using fresh water. Instead, it maximises the use of the water before refreshing it.


Therefore, it uses less energy as it removes the heat and moisture to decrease the humidity levels in the loft while offering small ventilation benefits in terms of dust particles.

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Effortless Control

Would you like to know whether you've accidentally left the air conditioning on without climbing the stairs to check? With Powrmatic Vision, you can control every unit from the intuitive app on your smartphone from anywhere in your home.


Unlike with some air conditioning systems, there's no additional charge for this convenient feature that'll serve your knees well.

Request a Free Survey

We can offer you a free survey conducted by an engineer, not a salesperson surveyor. Our engineer will assess your loft area during the survey to determine the heating and cooling requirements. Once we've determined the requirements and considered your budget, we'll recommend the most suitable AC unit for the room. We often find that once we survey a client's loft space, clients often ask us to survey each bedroom for additional units. We offer amazing discounts on the units and labour for multiple installations in such cases.

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