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Air Conditioning Southampton

At Cool Sleep, we supply and install one of the most energy efficient air conditioning and heat pump units at unbeatable prices: Powrmatic Vision. 


Powrmatic Ltd is the sole distributor in the UK for Innova. Innova is an Italian manufacturer of stylish and innovative heating, ventilation and air conditioning systems. Its most popular range is Vision. 


Cool Sleep has an exceptional relationship with Powrmatic. We’ve flown over with them to Italy to tour the factory, develop deeper product knowledge and gain insights into new product launches. 


Beyond these advantages, we’re Powrmatic’s preferred installer. This allows us to pass on significant cost savings to you, so much so that we’re more competitive than buying the unit separately and attempting to install it yourself.

Benefits and Features of Powrmatic Vision Air Conditioning

Invisible Condenser

Domestic air conditioning units typically consist of two units. One unit inside the room that blows the cool air (or warm air if it’s a heat pump too), and another unit with a large fan, which is usually outside or hidden in a cupboard, depending on the system.


With Powrmatic Vision, the units we love, the condenser is built into the unit. So, there’s no need for an unsightly condenser on the wall of your home, or a reduction in cupboard space. Instead, we drill through the external wall and install two grilles. 


While these are highly popular amongst homeowners and businesses alike, some prefer not to have any grilles at all. In this case, the Vision H20 is an ideal solution where it uses the water supply, rather than air supply. 


If you’d like to discuss your requirements, feel free to call Dan on 020 8839 2640.

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Internal Air Conditioning Controlled via Wifi.webp

WiFi Control

While the units come as standard with a remote and a control unit on the device, there’s also a special app that makes it that one little bit easier to control any room's temperature without moving from where you are right now, providing you’re connected to WiFi. 

Energy Efficiency

With the current energy crisis and growing global warming fears, it’s ever more important that we opt for energy efficient air conditioning units, so they don’t cost us an arm and a leg during the summer months. 

You’ll be pleased to hear that Powrmatic Vision are some of the most efficient air conditioning units. Regardless of the unit you choose with the range, both the cooling and heating capacity is either A, A+ or A++ rated.


To give you an example, VISION 3.1 DW consumes 0.73 kWh to cool a standard room, which is approximately 28p depending on your tariff per hour. 

If you’d like to learn about the approximate costs of each unit on your energy tariff, feel free to call Dan on 020 8839 2640.

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Free Survey for Air Conditioning Southampton

At Cool Sleep, we’re often traveling to Southampton from London to supply and install new Powrmatic Vision air conditioning systems and units. So, Dan’s certainly happy to pop over to provide a free survey to help you make an informed decision about whether air conditioning is right for you, and what type of air conditioning is most effective. Feel free to give Dan a call on 020 8839 2640 or complete our form.

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