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Air Conditioning Bournemouth

Cool Sleep offers the most innovative air conditioning in Bournemouth.


Most air conditioning installation companies supply and install dated air conditioning systems.​


These systems have an external condenser unit. But, ours are condenserless.


It means there isn't an ugly and noisy fan on your external wall.​


Instead, there are either two subtle grilles or no grilles at all.


The range is called Powrmatic Vision.

Why Cool Sleep?

Award-Winning Air Conditioning Specialists

Preferred Supplier (Powrmatic) Installers

Supply and Install for Less than the Unit Elsewhere

Experienced Technicians

Market-Leading Before, During and After-Sales Air Conditioning Service

Free Survey by Air Conditioning Engineers (Not SalesPeople)

Why Us?

What is Powrmatic Vision Air Conditioning?

Water-Cooled Air Conditioning

Powrmatic H₂O Vision stands out as a water-cooled air conditioning system that doubles as a heat pump.

It operates with electricity and cools or heats air using your mains water supply.

This innovative approach eliminates the necessity for an outdoor condenser unit.

Also, it removes the need to create external openings or grilles.

Thus, resulting in cost-effective installation.


While retaining the aesthetic appeal of your property.

Twin Duct Air Conditioning

Condenserless Air Conditioning in Bournemouth.png

Powrmatic Vision is an efficient air conditioner and heat pump.

It eliminates the need for an outdoor condenser unit.

Because the units have two non-intrusive openings covered with brick-colour grilles.

Whereby one hole inputs external air and the other outputs internal air.

It heats or cools the air to your desired temperature as quietly as 21 to 42 dB.

Making it one of the quietest on the market today.

Why Powrmatic?

What are the Benefits of Powrmatic Vision Air Conditioners?

🌬️ Super Slim Design

Experience the power of advanced heating and cooling technology without sacrificing space.

These air conditioners boast a super slim design that blends into your living space.

Providing you with unmatched comfort without compromising on aesthetics.

🌀 No External Condenser Required

Say goodbye to bulky external condensers!

These revolutionary air conditioners cut the need for those cumbersome additions.

Enjoy a clutter-free external wall while relishing in ventilated cool or warm air.

🌐 WiFi Control

Take charge of your comfort from anywhere with a tap on your smartphone.

With WiFi control, you're in command.

Adjust temperature settings. Switch modes. Schedule cooling sessions.

You have the freedom to indulge in comfort on your terms.


🖐️ Touch Screen Option

Add a touch of sophistication to cooling or heating a room.

Navigate through settings and preferences with a simple touch on the wall device.


🌱 Energy Efficient

Embrace a cooler environment while being mindful of the planet.

These air conditioners are engineered to be energy efficient.


You can feel comfortable with optimal temperature.

Without the guilt of excessive energy consumption.


Why Invest in Air Conditioning?

Sleep Quality

At Cool Sleep, we conduct hundreds of air conditioning installations in bedrooms. This includes homes, hotel rooms and care homes.

A 2012 study found that bedroom temperatures between 15.6 and 19.4 °C help to regulate the body's internal temperature. In turn, we as humans benefit from restful sleep due to healthy sleep patterns during the night (or day if you're a night worker).

Productivity and Cognitive Performance

At Cool Sleep, it's not uncommon for us to install our air conditioning units in home offices, including those in garden summer houses.

A 2021 study, partly conducted in the UK, found that high levels of indoor air pollution in terms of carbon dioxide resulted in slower response times and reduced accuracy.

So, with ventilation systems, like our air conditioning units, you can heat or cool the room to an optimal temperature such as 22 °C, which was found to be where productivity is at its highest.

Personal Comfort

On hot days, opening the doors and windows have very little effect on cooling the indoor temperature.


With climate change continuing to break records, it's predicted that summer temperatures in Bournemouth will continue to climb.

And, with increasingly expensive energy bills during the winter months on the coast, our air conditioning doubles up as a heat pump, which can be an energy-efficient method to heat one room.

Why AC?
  • How much does the Powrmatic Vision air conditioning system cost to supply and install?
    At Cool Sleep, we supply and install Powrmatic Vision for under £2,000 (including VAT). Based on our research, this is more cost-effective than buying the unit yourself and attempting to install it.
  • How much does it cost to run the Powrmatic Vision A/C system?
    Powrmatic Vision has an energy-saving ratio of around 3 to 1. So, for every kW of energy used, it outputs 3 times the amount. When cooling a room, it requires 0.73 kW of energy. So, if you use it for one hour a day (0.73 kW x 1), it's 0.73 kW/h. With the average cost of 34 pence a kW/h, it'll cost you just 25 pence an hour. While each model within the range is similar, the performance varies slightly. So, we recommend getting in touch for a survey.
  • Is it worth getting an air con system for a home or business premises in Bournemouth?
    Bournemouth, being on the south coast of the UK, is only going to get warmer every year due to climate change. If you've found your sleep quality has declined, physical or cognitive performance is slower, and you're generally feeling uncomfortable due to the heat during the summer, it's worth investing in our air conditioning system.
  • Why is Powrmatic Vision a quality air conditioning unit?
    There are a number of reasons, but broadly due to its efficiency, style and technology, whereby an outside or inside condenser is not required.
  • What maintenance is involved with the Powrmatic Vision range?
    Maintenance is very easy. It's as simple as unplugging the unit from the power supply and giving it a wipe with a microfibre cloth. To clean the filter, you just open the top part and run it under the tap. Maintenance couldn't be any easier.

FAQs About Our Air Conditioning Services in Bournemouth



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