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Air Conditioning for Listed Buildings

Industry-leading air conditioning for listed buildings without the stress or time consuming nature of applying for planning permission.

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Stylish Water-Cooled Air Conditioning for Listed Buildings

Perfect for listed buildings

No internal or external condenser

Planning permission is not required

Efficiently water-cooled and heated

Cool Sleep is a multi-awarding winning supplier and installer of water-cooled air conditioning units because we offer one of the UK's most innovative air conditioning listed buildings.

Why Is Our Air Conditioning Suitable for Listed Buildings?

If you live in a listed building, you’ll know that it’s listed to preserve its historic character in terms of architectural and cultural significance. To preserve the architectural significance of listed buildings, the government heavily regulates the exterior appearance. 


Traditional air conditioning units have an external condenser unit, which is often installed on the outside wall. As this installation disturbs the architecture of the building, these types of units are not granted permission.


However, at Cool Sleep, we supply and install Powrmatic Vision  H₂O, which is a condenserless air conditioning system that uses your mains water supply to cool or heat the air depending on your preferred use (the units double up as a heat pump). As it uses water rather than air, there’s no external condenser or external wall penetration for two air ducts. 


While we install additional pipework to and from every air conditioning unit and re-plaster your walls. It’ll look like a stylish air conditioning unit that doesn’t require planning just magically appeared in every chosen room. 

Stylish Internal Air Conditioning Units.jpg

No Outdoor Condenser or External Grilles

Vision H₂O, the sleek water-cooled air conditioning system, brings climate control to your listed building without a flicker of an external eyesore. This ingenious technology keeps both your interiors cool and the heritage intact, eliminating the need for bulky outbuildings and unsightly vents. Whether you're battling summer heat or winter chills, Vision H₂O whispers comfort while preserving your property's charm.

WiFi Enabled Control

Vision H₂O's intuitive app puts the power of cool, crisp comfort right in your pocket. Imagine adjusting the temperature, fan speed, and even airflow direction, all with a gentle tap – from lounging on the sofa.

You could also use the standard remote control or the built-in controls on the unit itself. And, depending on your preference, we can install an additional optional extra wall-mounted control.


High Energy Efficiency

In terms of electricity, the Vision H₂O uses 0.68 kW/h to cool and 0.772 kW/h to heat a standard room. That’s an average of £0.28 per hour of usage (depending on your energy tariff). 


As it uses water too, it’s important to note the unit’s consumption in this regard too. This will largely depend on your water supplier, but let’s say it’s £0.001 per litre. It's uses about 149 litres an hour, which costs about £0.15p. 


Therefore, it costs approximately £0.43 an hour.

Low Running Noise Level

Comfort isn’t just about the air quality; it’s about noise levels too. Vision H₂O are incredibly quiet for air conditioning units. On the highest setting, at least 1 metre back from the unit, it’s 56dB(A). That’s similar to a quiet office environment. However, the optimal performance is between 41dB(A) and 21dB(A), which is similar to light rain and whispering.

Best Friends

Why Consider the Vision H₂O Air Conditioner with Cool Sleep?

Free Quote, No Strings Attached

Get a personalised quote for your home, with no pressure to buy. Just chat with Dan, the friendly expert at Cool Sleep, and see if their systems are the right fit for you.

Best Prices in the UK

As the UK distributor's preferred supplier, Cool Sleep can offer you unbeatable prices on the Vision H₂O water-cooled air conditioners. That means you get top-of-the-line comfort without breaking the bank!

Say Goodbye to Ugly Condensing Units

No more taking up precious floor space with an indoor condenser or battling for permission to install one outside. Cool Sleep's systems are completely internal, saving you space and hassle.

5-Star Service with a Smile

Cool Sleep is all about making your life easier. Their friendly and helpful team has a 5-star rating on Google for a reason! They'll guide you through the process and ensure you're 100% satisfied with your new air conditioning.

Innovative Air Conditioning at its Finest

Cool Sleep's Vision H₂O systems are more than just cooling machines. They're sleek and stylish, blend seamlessly into your home décor, and come packed with features like energy-efficient modes, whisper-quiet operation, and even Wi-Fi control! You can adjust the temperature and settings from your phone.

Peace of Mind Guaranteed

All Cool Sleep systems come with a 12-month warranty, so you can relax knowing your investment is protected. They're confident in the quality of their products and want you to have complete peace of mind.

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