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Air Conditioning
for Hotels

Aesthetically-pleasing, energy-conserving, quietly-comforting air conditioning for hotels.

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Air Conditioning Systems for Hotels Redefined

Cost-effective installations

Minimal downtime in each room

Little maintenance required

Reception can control every unit

Cool Sleep is a multi-awarding winning supplier and installer of air-ducted and water-cooled air conditioning units because we offer one of the UK's most innovative air conditioning for hotels.

Features of Powrmatic Vision Air Conditioning for Hotels


The stylish design of our air conditioning units conveniently blend in with modern interiors. With the option to be installed low or high on the wall, it can appear more like a radiator or the traditional condenser traditional unit.


One of the primary concerns that our customers raise from the outset is the operating cost. Typically, operating air conditioning systems for hotels are expensive, especially for large hotels. Ideally, we want very healthy gross profit margins.

With Powrmatic Vision, depending on the specific type of unit, the energy efficiency rating starts at A and reach A++. To put those ratings into perspective, the Vision Compact has a cooling capacity of 0.57kWh, and if the costs of electricity is £0.15, then for one hour, it's use could cost £0.09. So, the hourly cost when one of the units are in use is minimal.


Most hotel owners and managers install air conditioning to improve their guest's comfort rather than cause a nuisance. At the end of the day, we want positive 5-star reviews and loyal guests. Would you believe us if we told you that Visions' are as quiet as 27 dB(A)? That's somewhere between a whisper and a rustle of leaves. Most guests wouldn't even notice that it's on aside from the fact their hotel room is at the perfect temperature for them.


In an ever increasing competitive market, it's inevitable that you must find ways to continue differentiating your service. We can help you achieve just that with our air conditioning units. You can inform potential guests that they can call reception ahead of checking into their room to request their room temperature.

Not only can you achieve the desirable room temperature ahead of time, but you can keep an eye on when the unit is in use. If you use the key card door system, then when guests are out of their room, you can switch it off to save money on the electricity (and water bill if you opt for the water-cooled solution).

Reception can control all of the units from a simple application.


Depending on the type of air conditioning system, the cost of installation can be through the roof. It largely comes down to all of the separate parts of the system, the construction work to create all of the ducting, and the lost revenue due to the downtime.

Our hotel air conditioning installation is highly cost-effective. First of all, it's often cheaper to buy one unit with us, including our installation fee. So, if you're buying a large number of hotel air conditioning units, then we can offer even more favourable prices due to our greater relationship with the UK distributor, Powrmatic.


Secondly, we've been in the HVAC industry for over 20 years. We've installed complex systems across the private and public sector from 5-star hotels in central London to parts of the London Underground network. When it comes to HVAC, it's safe to say we know what we're doing, and we're efficient at it. We could probably have one unit up and running within a few hours.

Why Work with a Multi-Awarding Winning Supplier and Installer

Free Quote for Hotels

Every hotel manager or owner will be offered the opportunity to take advantage of a free survey and quote. It's entirely up to you whether you take it or leave it. No strings attached.

The Best Prices

From our research, we offer the best prices for Powrmatic Vision, which includes installation. If you do happen to receive a quote from alternative air conditioning installers, let us know and we'll try a beat it.

No Downtime

With our efficient hotel air conditioning units that rely on air as opposed to water, can be installed within hours by penetrating the external wall where the unit will positioned.

5-Star Service with a Smile

Every client receives a smile with the service. We remain as smaller air conditioning contractors to offer the best hotel air conditioners and service.

Peace of Mind Guaranteed

12-month warranty on everything.

Ask Your Questions

Do you have any questions about our professional air conditioning for hotels? If so, feel free to give Dan a call. Let's get air conditioning installed in your hotel today.

Air Conditioning Installation for Travelodge

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