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Internal Air Conditioning

Updated: Sep 27, 2023

If you live in an apartment, it's unlikely that you have permission to penetrate the external wall to install the outside unit required with traditional air conditioning systems.

Similarly, you may require air conditioning in a room that doesn't have access to an external wall, which would potentially result in unsightly piping along your walls to the outdoor unit.

In both cases, an internal air conditioning unit is required to regulate the air in terms of humidity levels. And, to improve the air quality, particularly in a city like London.

Your first thought of an internal unit might be portable air conditioners or air condensers with an indoor condenser.

However, the air conditioners that Cool Sleep supplies and installs are different. For apartments, we provide water-cooled air conditioners. And, for homes, we often provide vented air conditioners with two small holes in the outside wall.

What is an internal air conditioner?

An internal air conditioner consists of three types. These include portable air conditioning units, retro-fit style wall-mounted air conditioning units and concealed or embedded air conditioning units, particularly in refurb properties.

Regardless of the internal air conditioning system or unit mentioned above, they don't require an outside condenser.

Therefore, there isn't a need to penetrate the external wall or even apply for planning permission.

As a result, it is quicker to install, and there isn't an external unit that your neighbours can complain about in terms of noise.

Instead, internal air conditioning units have either an internal condenser unit hidden within your property or no condenser unit.

What is an internal condenser?

Unlike an outside condenser, an internal condenser is inside your property. It's often smaller and quieter than an outside condenser and hidden within your property.

For example, it's often installed inside a cupboard like a larder or a kitchen cabinet.

At Cool Sleep, our internal air conditioning units don't require an inside condenser unit, which is particularly beneficial to homeowners with limited space. But, it's equally suitable for properties whereby homeowners want to maximise their large spaces.

This is because we install a well-regarded water-cooled air conditioning unit, known as Powrmatic Vision H20. However, a water-cooled air conditioner is not the only solution. There is a vented option that is suitable for installation on the inside of an external wall.

How does the system work?

As mentioned, the water-cooled air conditioning system, Powrmatic Vision H20, doesn't require a condenser (indoor and outdoor units).

This is because hot air is cooled by cold internal water before blowing back into the room when cooling is required, and cold air is heated when hot air is needed.

As a result, this high or low-wall-mounted air conditioning unit can be installed in any room on any property, providing there is water access.

The Powrmatic Vision H20 air conditioners don't need planning permission and require very little space, making it a perfect solution for apartments. Learn more about our air conditioning for flats and apartments.

As the air conditioners use air or water, refrigerant gas isn't necessary. Therefore, F-gas-certified engineers are not necessary. Resulting in a lower cost to install and maintain each air con unit.

How do you control the Powrmatic Vision H20 air conditioning units?

Controlling the Powrmatic Vision H20 air conditioning system is simple and easy. You have a choice of several methods.

These air conditioning units come with an onboard computer, remote control and an app to regulate the timings, temperature and airflow over Wi-Fi.

We could even install a wall-mounted control like your central heating to regulate the unit at an additional cost.

The way the air conditioner works is by decreasing or increasing the temperature to your desired temperature. Once it reaches it, it maintains a consistent temperature.

What are the benefits of our internal air conditioning units?

No Indoor or Outdoor Unit

Our internal air conditioning systems rely on water instead of outside or inside condenser units.

So, these can be installed in any property, particularly those with restrictions, including rooms without an external wall and apartments with limited storage spaces.

No Noise

Traditional air conditioning units are noisy, but this AC unit is so quiet you wouldn't know it's even on, making your home more comfortable than ever.

Sound levels range from 27 to 41 dB(A), equivalent to rustling leaves and whispering to light rain; they truly are quiet.

Energy Efficient

The Powrmatic Vision H20 has the most efficient energy ratio of A++, making it the most efficient AC unit within the Vision range.

On average, cooling a room for one hour costs just £0.13 for electricity. To heat a room it costs £0.15. Considering the cost of water per hour to heat or cool a room of£0.30, it costs a total of £0.43 or £0.45 an hour.

Of course, the numbers will vary depending on your electricity and water supplier as they charge a different rate for kWh and Litre of water.

Stylish Solution

Unlike most air conditioning solutions, Powrmatic Vision H20 is the most stylish. Its white casing, and slimline design, make it a trendy unit for any room.

Flexible Control Options

As mentioned, it can be controlled in four different ways:

  • Remote control

  • Onboard computer

  • Wi-Fi via app

  • Wall-mounted computer

Why Cool Sleep?

Cool Sleep is the preferred supplier and installer of Powrmatic Vision, which means the unit cost and installation cost, including VAT, are cost-effective compared to purchasing elsewhere and sourcing another gas-registered engineer.

We're part of EHGE, a company with over 25 years of heating, ventilation and air conditioning across the South East of England, including London.

As an established company, we have installed thousands of energy-efficient systems with and without a condenser to cool and heat different buildings, from apartments to commercial offices.

We aim to deliver exceptional service from the moment you contact us to the moment we have completed the installation. It's why we're rated excellent by homeowners and companies across London, Essex, Kent, Surrey, and beyond.

If you would like to find out more about Powrmatic Vision, particularly H20, then get in touch with Cool Sleep today by calling 07771 721477 or emailing Alternatively, use the same details to arrange a survey and get a quote.

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