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5 Benefits of Powrmatic Vision

This blog post covers the benefits of Powrmatic Vision in more detail than any other article. From energy efficiency to the various sizes, you should make a more informed decision by the end. And, if not, feel free to call us.


The Powrmatic Vision range was designed to use the least amount of energy consumption to heat and cool a room possible, saving on your energy bills for years to come. With a combination of technology working together within the units, its ability to heat and cool a room quickly and as quiet as a library is genuinely remarkable.

Control the Temperature from Any Room

With Powrmatic Vision, you can control the temperature anywhere in your home. You could be feeling chilly or stuffy while watching TV in the evening, and without getting up from your sofa, you can turn the heating in that room on, up or down, whatever you prefer.

Lower Cost of Installation

Powrmatic Vision units require only 3 to 4 hours to install because they require only two holes in the wall or connection to water pipes. Unlike other air conditioning units and heat pumps, these don’t need F-Gas certified installers, thus saving costs in that regard.


Most homes throughout England have heating systems, and few have air conditioning, although it’s becoming increasingly popular. Powrmatic Vision is both of those in one snug unit, typically smaller than the average radiator, more powerful, economically efficient, and environmentally friendly.

A Unit for Any Room

There are five units with the Powrmatic Vision range enabling every room to have a suitable device. There's a unit for you, whether you’ve got a small, standard, or large room. If you’ve got limited low wall space, the Vision Verticool is best, and if you don’t want holes in your outside wall, there’s a water-based version.


The Powrmatic Vision product range has five critical benefits for heating and cooling your rooms, including energy efficiency, easy temperature control, low-cost installation, the ability to heat and cool from one device, and different sizes for any room. It’s genuinely the best range of condenserless air conditioning units we’ve encountered over the years on the market.

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