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How to Control Your Powrmatic Air Conditioning

Controlling any of the Powrmatic air conditioning units is pretty simple, and there are several different options to control various aspects of the device. From the remote control to the onboard control to an app and a hard-wired controller on your wall. This post will discuss the different types and what you can control, but you can see the full user manual here.

Remote Control

Each device has its own remote control and is useful when you only need to control one device.

  • Turn on and off the unit

  • Snowflake for cool air or the sun for warm air

  • Up and down arrows to increase and decrease the temperature

  • Four fan speed options

  • Ventilation mode; best for cleaning the air

  • Nocturnal mode for maximum noise reduction and energy efficiency during the night

  • Change the airflow direction

  • Set a timer

  • Dehumidification mode; best for those stuffy rainy days

  • Well-being mode that automatically chooses heating or cooling and the amount

App Control

Unlike the remote control, the app control allows you to control multiple devices. This is an ideal option for those who install two or more Powrmatic air conditioning units.

  • See current temperature

  • Change the temperature

  • Adjust the fan speed

  • Change the airflow direction

Onboard Control

The onboard controls are functions on the device itself, and these are the same as the functions on the remote control.

Hard-Wired Wall Control

The hard-wired wall control is an optional extra. Whereas the onboard control, remote control, and app control are supplied as standard. Still, you may find it particularly useful near the entrance to the room containing the device.

  • Touch interface

  • Modulating speed

  • Seasonal setting

  • Temperature setpoint

  • Ventilation speed

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