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Who Are Powrmatic?

This blog post provides a brief overview of Powrmatic’s history, its product range, and dives into Powrmatic Vision and the units within it to help you make the right decision.

Powrmatic History

Powrmatic started in 1949 distributing automatic oil burners to heat homes across the UK from its warehouses in Whitechapel, London. Some 70-years later, the company grew as acquired companies throughout the country with specialist knowledge in heating, ventilation and air conditioning. These acquisitions enabled them to continue researching and developing innovative products.

Powrmatic Product Range

Today, Powrmatic has four key product categories, including heating, ventilation, air conditioning, and engineered products. Its product has wide use of applications from all sorts of commercial premises like airport hangers for planes and homes. However, it’s their air conditioning range that has taken the market by storm, particularly in homes and hospitality establishments.

What is Powrmatic Vision?

Powrmatic Vision is a specific range of products within their air conditioning category and it’s the most remarkable of them all for one prime reason. Every unit within this range is condenserless, which means it doesn’t have the huge ugly condenser (the fan looking thing) outside a building. Instead, these units have two tiny and unobtrusive colour-matched grilles or a 15 mm pipe for the water-cooled systems. These are modern and innovative, like nothing seen on the market before. Not only do they cool down rooms, but they heat them too.

What are the different products with Powrmatic Vision’s range?

There are five different units within the Vision range: Vision, Vision Compact, Vision Maxi, Vision Verticool, and Vision H20. Each of the products was designed to better meet customers' needs despite requiring attachments to a wall, but which one is right for you?


Vision is the standard product that applies to most rooms. These rooms have reasonable wall space, particularly closer to the floor.

Vision Compact

Vision Compact is smaller than the Vision to allow rooms where wall space close to the ground is at its premium.

Vision Maxi

Vision Maxi is the more powerful unit amongst those without water. Its ability to cool down and heat is greater, thus enabling you to feel the effects very quickly. This could be an excellent option for larger rooms.

Vision Verticool

Vision Verticool is the vertical version of the Vision and is particularly useful for rooms where wall space close to the ground is limited. Heat or cool air is emitted higher up in the room, thus not being obstructed by any furniture.

Vision H2O

Vision H2O relies on water rather than air so that you won’t have any external grilles. Instead, a 15 mm pipe, typically within the wall or under the floor, connects to the room's existing water supply. It can be a cheaper option as long as there’s water nearby.


Powrmatic have a range of products in the heating, ventilation and air conditioning industry. Still, their Vision range within air conditioning is taking the market by storm, mainly because they’re condenserless. They have five units within the range to better suit a variety of rooms from small to large rooms, limited wall space to a nearby water supply.

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