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Should You Get a Vented or Water-Cooled AC?

When it comes to Powrmatic, you’ve got a choice of 5 air conditioning units and one of which is a water-cooled AC. If you’ve seen the different shapes and sizes and ruled out Vision Verticool, you may be considering whether you should get a vented or water-cooled AC? So, in this article, we’ll uncover the benefits of the vented AC and water-cooled AC, and we’ll leave it to you to identify the limitations of each.

Benefits of the Powrmatic Vision Vented AC

Cheaper to Install

Powrmatic Vision units are cheaper to install than H2O because they simply need two holes with grilles in the external wall to supply and discharge air. This is reasonably straightforward compared to connecting the cold mains water pipe and wastewater pipe to the H2O unit.

Quicker to Install

All units within Powrmatic Vision are some of the quickest to install on the market, but within the range, the air supply versions are faster than the H2O version. As a result, it has an even minimal downtime in comparison.

Different Options

There are several different options available if you choose the vented AC. These include Standard, Compact, Maxi, and Verticool. Each has a different purpose, which I explained in this article: Who Are Powrmatic?

Benefits of the Powrmatic Vision Water-Cooled AC

Preserve Property Aesthetics

We believe that all Powrmatic Vision units do a fantastic job of being condenserless. Still, we also understand that not everyone is okay with a minimum of two grilles on an external wall of their property. This is a major benefit of the Vision H2O, the water-cooled AC provided by Powrmatic. Instead of the two holes, the unit is connected to the cold mains water supply and a water waste pipe as the cold water is used to cool the air.

Most Efficient

Powrmatic Vision H2O is the most energy-efficient unit within the Vision range, and it has an efficiency rating of A++ when heating or cooling a room.

Most Powerful

Not only is this water-cooled AC the most energy-efficient in the range, but it’s also the most powerful, slightly more so than the Vision Maxi. This water-cooled AC unit has a maximum dual power cooling capacity of 3.6kW and a heating capacity of 3.84kW, which means it can cool and heat a room faster than the other air conditioning units.

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