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Benefits of Powrmatic Air Conditioning in a Home Office

In July 2019, Cambridge recorded the highest ever temperature in the UK at 38.7%, which is expected to be beaten soon with regular heatwaves across the South East of England.

Working in a home office can be unbearable without air conditioning from 2 pm to 6 pm with the sun at its hottest. It’s often why hot countries start and finish earlier in the day. With our summers becoming hotter and hotter every year, we need to think about ways to make working in soaring temperatures feasible, and one of those ways is air conditioning.

This article explains many benefits of Powrmatic air conditioning in a home office, particularly with the summer in mind.

Top 5 Benefits of Powrmatic Air Conditioning in a Home Office

Powrmatic Air Conditioning is Energy Efficient

All of the Powrmatic Vision products are energy efficient. For example, the standard Powrmatic Vision has an energy rating of A+, which means it uses 2.5kW of electricity per hour of use. This means you could cool your office down for just £0.46 per hour, based on the 2021 average prices, and it may only need to be on for one hour as these condenserless units are powerful.

Controllable Comfort

A fantastic benefit of working from a home office is you’re the one who decides the temperature, so long as you have air conditioning installed. That never-ending battle between colleagues for the right temperature officially ends where you sit on your own in a room. With Powrmatic air conditioning, you can control the temperature, whether you need it cool or warm, in a few different ways: a remote, on the device, or via the app. You don’t even need to leave your chair!

Reduces Humidity

If you run your own business, you may be more concerned with your productivity than someone who works for somebody else. In this case, you may be determined to reduce the humidity levels in your home office because of the detrimental effects on your productivity. Humid office environments often make us feel clammy, warm, tired, and sluggish, which is not ideal for starting or growing a business, aiming for a promotion, or simply not being dismissed for poor performance.

Improves Air Quality

Most home offices are small little sheds at the bottom of the garden or a spare box room at home, and if you keep the door closed most of the time, there’s minimal airflow. This can lead to a collection of bacteria, dust particles, odours and potential allergens. The air is filtered with an air conditioning unit like Powrmatic Vision, so your allergies don’t flare up, nor do any respiratory problems.

No Distractions

We know that silence can help us focus and concentrate, but not all air conditioning units are nearly silent. Powrmatic’s air conditioning ranges from a minimum of 27dB(A) to 43dB(A), which is equivalent to a whisper and a suburban area at night, respectively. So, they’re pretty quiet. If you stand 1 metre from any units within the Vision range, it’s 56dB(A), which is equivalent to moderate rainfall or a normal conversation.

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