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4 Popular Uses of Powrmatic Vision Condenserless Air Conditioning for Your Home

Home Extension

If you’re in the phase of researching how you’ll heat the extension of your home, you’ll know there are several options available. You could connect it to your existing central heating, use an electric or storage heater, or choose Powrmatic Vision Condenserless Air Conditioning.

On the one hand, connecting your extension to your central heating can be the most expensive option for installation because your boiler might be too small for the additional space. It might not be possible depending on the heating method, such as radiators or underfloor heating as well.

On the other hand, electric heaters and storage units are often the cheapest to purchase and install. However, they’re the most expensive to run, particularly with a costly energy supplier.

These options only can heat your extension. Powrmatic Vision can heat and cool your home extension while being quiet and energy-efficient. It’s also pretty straightforward to install, keeping the cost of installation low.

Garden Office

Garden offices started growing in popularity around 2005 across the UK, but more recently, there has been a surge due to Covid-19. We’ve seen an increase in various garden offices being installed from brick to shed-type styles, but they have two features in common: electricity and no heating pipes.

Despite garden offices being well-insulated, they still require heating, but the choice is often electric heaters, storage heaters, or heat pumps. Powrmatic Condenserless Air Conditioning is attractive inside and outside your garden office.

Replace Electric Heaters

Many older properties, flats, and houses do not have central heating, and they’re typically heated with electric heaters. With the current energy crisis, this heating method has become more expensive. Powrmatic Vision is a very energy-efficient method of heating and cooling your home.

Replace Storage Heaters or Heat Banks

Storage heaters, also known as heat banks, were considered a more energy-efficient method of heating homes, particularly those with economy seven energy plans. However, these often created more heat than necessary, thus wasting electricity usage. The outstanding feature of Powrmatic Vision is that it’s very energy efficient whenever you turn it on.


There are four popular reasons why homeowners choose to install Powrmatic Vision units, including home extension, garden office, replacement of electric heaters and storage heaters.

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